We are very happy to announce a wonderful adoption:
Our sweet boy Walter is a GSD that had been at a shelter for about 8 months. The poor boy never left his kennel during those months, and he didn’t even have a picture taken.

Finally, one volunteer who discovered him took him out and took a few photos of him just a few days before euthanization, basically saving his life.
We found out about him on the day before he was scheduled to be killed. Our great volunteer, Ellen Buckley, went to the shelter the very next morning to do adoption paperwork so they wouldn’t kill him. 

Walter was a Rescue-Only dog and needed to be neutered, so we picked him up the day after the shelter neutered him. We took him to the Hollywood Cat and Dog Hospital right away and he stayed there for a couple of days, receiving a full check-up. Subsequently, we sent him to our great trainer, Tim Williams, but poor Walter was so shut down that all he really needed was a quiet home to chill, so we moved him to the best foster home he could have ever imagined: that of Fallon YGomez and Chris Gomez.

Walter stayed with them for about two months and had a wonderful time there. About two weeks ago we received a wonderful application for our sweet boy. He had waited a very long time for his forever home, but when he found it, he hit the jackpot ?❤️

His new family lives in a very nice area of Los Angeles, with a huge house and a huge back yard on a golf course. His new mom owns a cosmetic company and the husband owns a hospital. Walter has one tiny doggie-friend and two beautiful human sisters. We are pretty sure he will be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life.

Thank you to all involved in saving Walter!

Thanks to all of our supporters who donated so we could give him the best of care.

Thanks to Ellen Buckley for saving his life by going to the shelter early in the morning.

Thank you, Fallon and Chris, for fostering our boy.

Thank you, Julie Angell, for doing the homecheck and making sure it would be a wonderful home for Walter.

And thank you, Crystal McAndrews, for sending us his shelter pictures – otherwise, we wouldn’t have learned about him.

???Enjoy The Rest of Your Precious Life, Walter ???

Walter is a very affectionate 6-7 -year-old German Shepherd that weighs about 75 Ibs. He walks well on leash, is pretty calm in the house, and loves to hang out with his ball all day long. He wakes up in the morning, picks up his ball, and keeps it in his mouth all during the day, walking around with it. He is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door. Walter lives in a foster home with 5 other dogs, small and large. He gets along well with each one of them, but never really plays with them. Walter is also crate-trained – as a matter of fact he loves the crate, and if the crate door is open he likes to go in there and take a nap. This sweet boy has been nothing but joy – just a well-behaved, calm, easygoing dog looking for a loving home.