Tundra is a 10-month-old, 70 Ibs. very friendly Jindo/white German Shepherd-mix dog. He is wonderful with people and wags his tail to everyone who says “hi” to him. Tundra loves dogs of all sizes – small and large; he enjoys playing and hanging out with them, and we are hoping that he will have a doggie friend in his future home. Tundra walks well on leash and loves going for long walks, greeting other dogs he meets with a big smile and a wagging tail. This awesome boy is also great in car rides and does well at the groomer. He is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door. He loves the outdoors, so a home with a yard would be perfect for him, as long as the fence is not too low. 
Tundra came to the high-kill shelter with a deep wound from a chain that was already embedded in his neck. The vet at the shelter was able to move the chain out of his skin and started antibiotic treatments right away, since they couldn’t do a surgery there… Sadly, the skin started to heal incorrectly and it folded inside, which made him uncomfortable when he tried to turn his neck.

We saved this precious boy and he received the surgery right away. He is completely recovered and doing really well. He is ready for his forever home.

Tundra does not do well in a crate, so he is not available for out-of-state adoption.