Tsar aka Theodore is a German Shepherd that we saved from Downey Shelter. He was found as a stray on Sep 28th 2015 and thats how he ended up at the shelter.

Angels Bark saved his precious life Oct 17th 2015. He had severe skin disease at the time and needed immediate medical attention, also he was very skinny.

We found a great foster home and the story of how these two saved each other is very sweet. Foster mom was sick with cancer and she was receiving treatment, their home was very depressed due to so many things going on. We took Tsar to their home and said, you take care of Tsar and he will take care of you. A few weeks after his foster mom adopted Tsar she said he has brought so much happiness and joy into their home. A year later, Tsar’s skin issues completely healed and his mom recovered from cancer. They saved each others lives. His mother thanks us for bringing such a beautiful gift into their lives.