Sunshine is the sweetest 6-7 –month-old Terrier-mix that weighs about 10 Ibs. He is still growing, so we are not sure how much more he will grow, but will probably be max. 16 Ibs. This sweet boy is a joy to have around: he is all about puppy kisses, very affectionate, and playful. He loves belly rubs and will roll over to get some. Sunshine is very submissive, which makes him absolutely wonderful with all-size dogs. He can be a little bit skittish with new people, but warms up very quickly and starts giving kisses. Sunshine seems almost housebroken, but being still a puppy he will need to learn his house-manners once in a new home. He is easy to walk but is new to these outings, since we started walking him out on the streets only recently, after his final vaccinations. Sunshine can be a little skittish around cars and new people, so he will need some socializing along these lines. He is friendly with people of all ages and would never harm anyone, including kids, but since he seems a little skittish, a home with older kids would be best for him – crying, screaming kids might scare him a bit.