Sanno is a German Shepherd-mix male of about 3 years of age and weighing 70 pounds. Our boy is a little chubby – his ideal weight should be about 60 pounds, so we are working on his losing some weight.
Sanno is living in a foster home with a few other dogs of small- and large-size and is good with all of them. Since he truly loves other dogs and enjoys playing with them, he tries to initiate play by bowing and gently pawing his doggie-friends on the shoulder.Sanno is one of our trained dogs, so he walks on-leash like a dream – right next to his person, without pulling unless you let him pull. If he sees doggie-friends on his walks he doesn’t react – he ignores them, and even barking dogs don’t bother him. This precious boy loves being with his person and follows them from room to room, being pretty calm when hanging out in the house.
Sanno is good in the crate – he cries a little bit in a very low voice at first, then stops. He has no problem with being left alone and is not destructive. He has learned how to use a doggie door after being shown only once, so our boy is pretty smart. Sanno is an alert dog and will bark if someone is at the door. However, he is not a big fan of vet visits, so he will need a muzzle during the exam. Sanno is great in the car – just sits in the back seat and watches other cars and people, not trying to come forward from his seat.
Sanno was found as a stray, and that’s how he ended up at the shelter. He is fully vetted – blood work, urine test, fecal tests have been done, and he is trained in basic obedience.
If you are looking for an easygoing medium-energy dog, Sanno might be the right boy for you.

Sanno is up-to-date on his vaccinations, microchipped, dewormed, was given flea meds and has been groomed.
Sanno’s adoption fee is $400.