• So many wonderful people involved saving Rudy’s precious life and getting him where he is now..

Rudy was found as a stray on November 7th 2018 and was at the shelter until Jan 11th 2019, almost 3 months. 
Thanks to great shelter volunteers Alyssa AB and Victor Khanthasa making videos of Rudy and taking his pictures and networking him so he could be saved..
Rudy was saved on his final day and our wonderful volunteer and sweet angel Fallon YGomez was at the shelter to save his precious life.
After leaving shelter , his two angels Fallon YGomez and Alyssa AB took him to self wash and helped him start his new life with Angels Bark ,clean and fresh..
Next stop was trainer Tim Williams and Rudy started living with him to get to know him better over a month..

After leaving Tim’s house, Rudy fostered by another wonderful volunteer ,always willing to help Karen Martin and after that he came to my house.
After posting lots of pictures and videos at my house, another great passionate young lady Judy Baxley realized that Rudy is the perfect dog for her friends and thats how we found the best home for Rudy.

Rudy saved from Lancaster shelter on Jan 11th 2018.
Pulled by Fallon YGomez and Alyssa AB
Trained by Tim Williams
Foster by Karen Martin and Nes Gutman
Application screening done by Keirstin Craig Uomoto
Homecheck done by Jordie Von Tan
Rudy love train to Los Gatos done by Alia Lysiuk Rochelle Tracey Donna S Cunningham Stephanie Upton Judy Baxley

Thank you all involved saving his life and thank you everyone who donated for his care.

  • Rudy is available to approved out-of-state homes.
    Rudy is a very friendly 4-5 -year-old German Shepherd that weighs around 75 Ibs. Rudy looks like a German Shepherd show dog, and it’s not surprising, because he came from an area where there are a lot of back-yard breeders. Most likely, he was used for breeding and then dumped once they were done with him. Rudy loves people, including kids, and does great meeting new ones. He is very easy to walk, does great at the groomer’s, and loves going for car rides. He is pretty calm in the house and loves going for walks and running around in the yard. With a slow introduction, this great boy is good with dogs of small and large size. He doesnt really play with them, but doesn’t mind hanging around and running around with them. Rudy is a stunning, happy, affectionate, and loving German Shepherd that is looking for the forever home that will cherish him as he deserves.