Here is precious Rita, a lovely 7-8 -year-old dog looking for a forever home. Rita was found as a stray in downtown L.A. She’d had at least a few litters of puppies and was likely dumped on the street. She landed at a local shelter, where she waited for a few months until she was scheduled to be euthanized, due to the miserable shelter overcrowding. It was on her last day that Angels Bark found out about her and decided to give her the chance she deserves.

She is very charming – likes to shake paw, does a little dance when you come home, loves a good neck scratch – and definitely bonds with her person and becomes protective. She is polite with all people – she doesn’t jump or bark – but she needs new people to go slowly with her, so she can get to know them first. That said, she does an adorable wiggle dance when any of the volunteers come to walk her and she definitely does love her people, as long as they don’t hug her and touch her all over right away… Treats and long walks are a sure way to her heart!

We do recommend an adult home for Rita due to her not liking strangers touching her all over. She is good with calm dogs, but probably won’t do well with young, playful dogs. She has never been around cats, so we don’t currently have that information. Poor Rita: it’s obvious nobody ever bothered to walk her, because she does pull on the leash and she’s strong. However, basic training with her new owner will be very helpful. She’s not leash reactive – she has no problems walking by other dogs and certainly loves the walk and to sniff! Honestly, Rita is a really low-maintenance dog. She’s good around the house (not destructive) and will make an amazing and incredibly loyal companion for somebody interested in turning things around for a dog that has not had much in her life. She is crate-trained and will need an experienced owner who can set boundaries from day one.