Here is lovely Rita, a 7-8 -year-old dog looking for a forever home. Rita is playful and really likes most dogs, including older puppies and small dogs. In fact, she would be an amazing fit for a somebody wanting a calmer companion for an energetic young dog!

Rita is very charming – she likes to shake paw and does a little dance when you come home. While she does enjoy a good neck scratch from a good friend, she is not physically needy and would prefer a home that is not physically needy of her. For instance, she would probably prefer life without hugs, and she needs new people to go slowly and be respectful of her so she can get to know them first. (Because of this, we think she’d be best in an adults-only home, or possibly with older kids who can respect and understand this.) She definitely bonds with the people she knows. 

She loves going for walks. She’s not leash reactive – she has no problems walking by other dogs. With a bit of further work, we think she would be fine in a home with a cat.) She thrives with structure, so we’d love to find her an experienced adopter, or somebody who is willing to continue training with her, to help set boundaries.

Ultimately, Rita is a great companion and a very low-maintenance dog. She’s good around the house (not destructive), crate trained, and very loyal. She has not had much in her life before now, but remains such a beautiful soul who is sure to become somebody’s best friend.

As for background, Rita was found as a stray in downtown L.A. She’d had at least a few litters of puppies and was likely dumped on the street. She landed at the shelter, where she waited for a few months until she was scheduled to be euthanized, due to the miserable shelter overcrowding. It was on her last day that Angels Bark discovered her and decided to give her the chance she deserves.