Poncik is a sweet dog that we saved overseas when she was only two months old. Sadly, we couldn’t bring her to the United States right away, so we found her a foster home and finally she arrived in Los Angeles in June, 2018.

Poncik was found at two months old (our best guest) wandering in a boat in the harbor around the Aegean Coast. Of course, we asked around if anyone knew this precious girl and unfortunately, no one did.  This sweet soul had been abandoned at such a young age and we have taken care of her ever since.

Fast forward one year, and Poncik looks the same, just a lot larger. She is an amazing, sweet girl who always has a “smile.” She is an extremely happy dog, is housebroken, crate trained and walks on leash with some guidance. Poncik grew up with her foster family with children and absolutely adores them. As for cats, her family had a cat and she always tried to chase him, so a home with cats is probably not the best. She also grew up with turtles and she was fine with them.

As you can see, Poncik is the ultimate package and would make a great pet for anyone who would want to have her as a member of their family.