Otis is a young, approx. 16-18 -month-old German Shepherd that weighs 51 pounds right now. We’ve recently saved him, and once he reaches 65 pounds he will be at his ideal weight. Otis is great with small- and large-size dogs and loves to play. Even though he seems like a high energy dog, he behaves pretty well in the house. He is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door. He does well when left alone, is not destructive, doesn’t dig in the yard, and doesn’t try to jump the fence (as long as it’s not too low).
Otis walks pretty well on leash, but when he sees people on his walks he gets protective and starts barking and lunging, so going through obedience training together with his future owner will be a great way to start a relationship with him. He is a protective dog, so he needs an experienced leader, someone who understands a protective dog and can be a responsible owner. Otis is not available to families with kids. He needs an adult-only  home.