• Merlin is the sweetest soul, despite his condition. He is a very calm dog, great with anyone he meets and with dogs of all sizes. This awesome boy has been recently saved from a shelter and has hip dysplasia, so he can’t walk right now. We have been giving him a lot of physical therapy and he has started to move his back legs, trying to walk with help from his back.We are not sure how old he is – the shelter informed us that he is 5, but there is no way he is 5 years old: looking at his general condition, we think he is a minimum of 10 years old.
    He probably won’t be around too long, so he needs someone loving and caring, who can give him a good life in his sunset years; basically, he needs a retirement home. His person needs to be in good shape and strong enough to help him move around and hopefully someone can afford to continue his physical theraphy.
    This boy has been through a lot – he was left at the shelter because he is not a young, cute puppy anymore, so we are looking for someone who can give him the love and care that he needs. He deserves better than what he has received in life up to this point.