MIEKO is a 3-year-old German Shepherd-mix. This beautiful, incredibly friendly young boy sat at a shelter in L.A. for OVER A YEAR.

Since leaving the shelter Mieko has been living at his trainer’s house along with her family and dogs. Trainer Elisa says he is an amazing dog! She’s introduced him to lots of people, including older kids, and we recently discovered that Mieko has previously lived with a family that had four young kids (ages 3-7) and he did well with them. He is very friendly with all people!

He also loves dogs. Elisa takes him on pack walks and he gets to play with her other dog trainees, which range in size, age and personality. He does great with everybody – he is very polite and playful. Mieko particularly loves a female German Shepherd that he plays with constantly. He would do great in a home with another playful dog, to keep him busy. He has so much fun playing!

Mieko is a complete lover and a bit of a goofball. When you call him over he throws his body onto the ground in hopes of a belly scratch. He is also very affectionate and charismatic. Everybody who meets him falls in love!

His future owner needs to be a strong leader who sets boundaries from day one, someone experienced with German Shepherds or other smart, working dogs. Mieko’s been very well-behaved and takes corrections well, but like any smart adolescent he might test the boundaries if he feels that his human is not in control.

Mieko is crate-trained and does really well in the crate – no barking or whining. He’ll need a home with a high fence and a secure yard, and he should not be left outside without supervision (he was able to escape from his previous yard, which is how he ended up at the shelter). In his previous home, before he ended up at the shelter, the family had 4 young children that he grew up with.