Lucy was born sometime around May 15th 2019. She is an approximately 6-month-old puppy. Lucy is wonderful with dogs of all sizes and loves to play.

Have you ever wanted to adopt a super sweet, adorable, easygoing, and smart puppy? Then you need to meet little Lucy! She is such a joy to have around! Lucy loves other dogs and even though she is skittish, she truly does love her humans. Lucy is such a good puppy, too! Even when she was teething, she only chewed on dog toys (she loves dog toys). If you catch her doing anything you don’t like, just say “Lucy, no” and she immediately stops. She is very well mannered and listens to what her humans say! Lucy does her best to hold her potties and only go outside when you call “Lucy let’s go outside”. The only time she has accidents in the house is when her foster parents are tied up at work for too long. She is a puppy and they can only hold their pee for so long. Lucy is very submissive and sweet. She would never even try to hurt a fly!

She would be a great dog for a family with kids, as long as the kids respect her space and don’t try to chase her or grab her. She would never react negatively towards any person or child! She is just skittish and if you suddenly reach for her or move quickly towards her, then she gets scared and moves away. With time and training, she will become brave. She shouldn’t be like that for her whole life – which is why Lucy needs a home that can work with her. She is smart and would excel in training and socializing classes. Lucy is already working on basic commands like “go potty”, “let’s go outside”, “wait”, “no”, “leave it”, “off”, “go to your room”, “let’s go” and “leash up”. Lucy never barks unless you leave her completely alone. She has a very loud bark/cry that you will only hear if she is left alone without another dog or human to keep her company.

The perfect home for her would have another well-mannered dog. She loves to wrestle, pounce and play tug-of-war with other dogs. She loves to play with her furry foster-siblings in the morning then she naps most of the day. She becomes brave on walks if there is another dog with her, helping her face her fears. She gets excited at the beginning of walks and tries to pull on the leash as you go out the door. After just a block of walking, she stops pulling and listens better. She is exhausted if she walks at least 5 blocks. She is a bit on the lazier side, a true hound dog. Lucy loves to snuggle on the couch or lay around at your feet. Just slowly approach her and then watch her melt right into your arms. Her foster parents say she is the easiest puppy they have ever cared for (and they’ve cared for quite a few). She is about 45 lbs and might grow a little bit more. She is a sweet, gentle, insanely lovable puppy! Please reach out to find out more. Her foster mom is happy to discuss her with approved applicants. 

If you are interested in this irresistible young lady, please fill out an application for her (we are located in Los Angeles, CA).