LOUIE was born sometime around May 15th, 2019 and weighs around 65 pounds. Louie is wonderful with dogs of all sizes and loves to play,so he will need another dog in his future home.He is a very skittish dog and runs away from people, so his future owner needs to work on teaching him to trust people, including themselves. He will run away and hide in the corner until he trusts his person. We’ve started him on CBD oil, which helped him a bit – now he sleeps better at night and seems much happier.
He has not shown any aggression towards anyone – just a scared, sweet puppy, and he does well around kids. He is smart and learns quickly, so he’s already housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door. He needs a home with another dog, as he won’t do well as an only-dog. Louie lives in a foster home with a few other dogs and also a kid, and does well with all of them. He won’t do well in an apartment setting, but in a house with a yard. On his leash walks he gets pretty scared of people walking by and noises, and will pull on the leash to try to escape, so he needs someone very patient and willing to work with his issues.If you are interested in this irresistibly cute boy, please fill out an application for him (we are located in Los Angeles, CA).