Lobo is a 5-7 -year-old German Shepherd that weighs 75 lbs. This sweet boy is one of the friendliest dogs we’ve saved in a long time – he is just wonderful with everyone he meets and is all about giving kisses. He is pretty calm in the house, so if you are hanging out watching TV he will just lie on a dog bed without bothering anyone. He loves to stretch out on a soft dog bed, so he will need one in his future home. Also, he is not destructive when left alone, doesn’t dig in the yard and doesn’t try to escape. He knows how to use a doggie door and is housebroken. Lobo is very fond of car rides – at first he is a little excited, but then lays down and waits to arrive at his destination. If he sees a car with an open door, it doesn’t matter whose car it is: he will try to jump in.

He did great during his vet exam – all he wanted to do was kiss the vet and the vet tech. Lobo loves toys and goes crazy for them – he will sit for a toy and can play with it all day long – and also likes playing fetch. Lobo adores belly rubs and is an extremely affectionate dog. He is good with large- and small-size dogs, as he previously lived in a home with 5 other German Shepherds and now lives in a foster home with a few other dogs. He likes going for walks and walks really well next to his foster mom, since she worked with him a little bit, but gets very excited when seeing other dogs and barks at them at first; once off-leash, however, he is happy to run and play.

Lobo has been sent to one month’s obedience training and is much better on leash and non-reactive to other dogs, unlike he used to be, but he needs to continue his training with his future owner. Recently, Lobo joined a daycare with lots of dogs and he does great meeting new dogs and playing with them.

Lobo is an absolutely wonderful dog that spent almost two years in a shelter before Angels Bark saved him, on his very last day, and he deserves the best possible home.