Say hello to lovely little Layla! This gorgeous puppy will melt your heart. Sweet Layla was rescued from a shelter where her precious life was on the line. She was overlooked because she is a shy puppy, not a rambunctious, pouncing one. Angels Bark was happy to get her out and into a loving foster home. Although very sweet and calm for such a young girl, Layla is skittish and fearful right now, and needs time to warm up to new people and new dogs. Layla has so much potential! She just needs a family to help her gain more confidence, feel loved and safe. She likes to spend time in her crate. Her foster mom leaves the crate door open, and whenever she feels scared (mail man knocks on the door or a loud, strange noise occurs) she will run into her crate. She sleeps quietly through the night in her crate. Layla is able to hold her potties for eight hours and does not have any accidents in her crate. Her foster mom leaves the back door to the yard open during the day and Layla will go outside by herself when she needs to go potty. If the door is left closed, she has accidents, because she hasn’t yet figured out how to let her foster mom know when she needs to go outside. Doggy doors are still a little scary to her, but in time she will get used to using one. She is great in the home and doesn’t chew on furniture or have any destructive behavior. She responds well to “no”. She is dog-friendly but needs time to get used to new dogs. Some dogs she will instantly become best friends with, and with others she needs time to adjust. In her foster home she tries to play with the senior 6 lb. Chihuahua and loves following her around, but shies away from the 30-40 lbs. terriers. Layla isn’t prey driven, so with training and very slow introductions she might do well in a home with cats. She has not met a cat yet, but her foster mom has house rabbits and Layla completely ignores them, not even aware of the rabbits running around in one of the bedrooms (she can see them through a baby gate). Layla likes the idea of walks but is very nervous when out on a walk. She will happily go to the door with the other dogs and line up for a walk, but once out she has her tail tucked and pulls hard on the leash (she is also being fostered in downtown Long Beach – a loud, busy neighborhood that can be overwhelming to a lot of dogs). In time, this will change, however. She will need a forever family that can slowly expose her to the world and show her it isn’t all scary. Layla is an independent young lady: she likes to spend time by herself and loves loves loves toys! She would take all the toys out of the toy basket, throwing them around, chewing on them and hoarding them all on her dog bed. Occasionally she goes over to her foster parents and gives them a lick, then runs back to her toys. She isn’t super cuddly, but she is still a little shy/skittish around her foster parents. Layla does like to give kisses and hang out on the couch. She could easily become a snuggle bug if given a confidence boost. She isn’t the type of dog that becomes brave overnight: she will need time, love and patience. If you’re looking for a sweet, calm, athletic, and funny puppy who needs someone to give her lots of love and a confidence boost, then look no further!