Jerry is a dog with some issues and needs someone patient and willing to work with him. When we first saved him, he was very scared and had no idea how to be a dog or that humans can be nice and loving. He clearly had never been touched or let indoors. If you reached for him he would get scared and back into a corner, bearing teeth/growling to protect himself. He had no idea what a collar or leash was, he is better now but still needs work..

Jerry is a 50-pound German Shepherd of about 2-3 years of age. He is a petite Shepherd, but that does not slow him down! Jerry LOVES exploring the great outdoors. He is a very smart, active, loyal, and affectionate boy. He loves other dogs ,small and large size and loves to play with them. Jerry LOVES going on walks and gets so excited.. He walks  well on leash when there are no other people or dogs around. He gets excited to see people and VERY excited to see other dogs. He can be leash reactive around other dogs so will need some training on his leash manners. He is very active and behaves like a little angel when he gets long daily walks. He thrives with a daily routine where he can get mental and physical stimulation. He loves getting frozen kongs stuffed with hot dogs and peanut butter. He also loves bones and a variety of chew toys. When his foster parents aren’t home, they leave Jerry baby gated in the kitchen with some blankets, a frozen kong, and giant chew toys. He does great all by himself and keeps himself occupied until his foster parents return home. He is house-trained and only goes potty outside. Jerry is dog-friendly but needs slow introductions. 
He currently lives with dogs that are male and female and vary in size from 6 lbs to 40 lbs.  He is very sweet once he warms up to his people  and trusts . He loves to follow his foster mom around the house and nudge her for pets. He knows he is big but he would love to be a lap dog. He truly is an affectionate, cuddly love bug once he warms up to you. He gets SUPER excited when guests come over to the house. He has knocked over baby gates so he can eagerly run up to guests and happily sniff them. He just needs people to not immediately reach for him or grab him. Guests and family members need to let Jerry come to them, then he will nudge their hands for pets.

Jerry loves to make his humans happy – if he is doing something you don’t want him to do, just firmly say “No” and he stops. He also knows “sit”, “down”, “off”, “leave it” and “up”.
As long as he is getting the proper mental and physical stimulation, he is not destructive at all. Daily walks, toys, and structure will keep him very calm and happy. 

Sadly, Jerry had a rough start in life: so it takes him some time to trust new people.
He needs a forever home that can give him the time and attention he needs in order to thrive. It is encouraged that his forever family enroll Jerry in training. With some professional training he will flourish even more! Who knows what the future holds for this amazing young dog?! Meet Jerry yourself and see why we’re all so crazy about him!