• Foxy is the most adorable and sweetest purebred Belgian Malinois dog that we’ve recently saved. This precious girl is all about love, kisses and belly rubs. Foxy was born on April 16th 2016 and weighs 45 pounds. Very obedient and obedience-trained, Foxy knows all her basic commands and listens/responds very well. She also walks like a dream, right by your side, without pulling.
  • Foxy loves car rides – she jumps into a car with no problem and, in ladylike manner, waits to arrive at her destination. She did excellently during her vet exam: loved the doctor and all she wanted to do was give kisses. She also did really well when given a bath, accepting it without any problems.
    Foxy was owned by a family with kids and dogs before she ended up at the shelter. She was clearly loved and well taken care of by her previous family. They purchased her from a breeder as a puppy and socialized her pretty well.

Pictures below. when they were puppy..