Duke is a handsome 5-year-old white German Shepherd that weighs 90 pounds. This sweet boy is fully-trained by a great trainer, K9 Coach OJ – he knows all his basic commands and is very obedient. He walks like a dream right by his person and doesn’t pull much – unless the owner lets him – and doesn’t react when walking by other dogs unless they are barking at him. He is a calm dog but loves going out for walks and exploring the great outdoors. Duke enjoys going on car rides and once in the car he moves around a little, out of curiosity, but after a while he calms down.

In his foster home, Duke has shown that he is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door. He is crate-trained and a crate is not a punishment for this sweet dog: he likes it, and if you leave the crate door open, you will find him hanging in there from time to time. Duke lives in a foster home with a few other dogs of both small- and large-size and does well with all of them. We have been informed that in his previous home, before the shelter, there were cats and he did well with them. Since we’ve saved him and he’s been under our care, he has not been around cats, but just looking at his sweet temperament we expect that he will probably be ok with cats, but it’s always good to be cautious at the beginning. 

Duke does become protective of his person, so a responsible owner, one who understands this protective breed would be best for him. 

What type of home does Duke need?  

An adult-only home, with one or two people and NO kids (even though he seems friendly with kids, we will not adopt him to a home with kids). 

He is a calm dog that will do best in a home with a yard. Duke has some issues and needs to be fed alone – his future owner needs to give him the food and leave, because he will not share his food with people. Also, he is not allowed to have toys or bones, as he will not share them with people and will snap.

His future owner needs to be firm but gentle and loving, as Duke does not like to be handled roughly. Duke is a kind, sensitive boy, and he expects the same from his person. His future owner needs to set some rules once Duke arrives at his new home. He is a very smart boy, so he has a tendency to take control if he realizes he can do it, so an owner who sets boundaries from day one will be the best type of home for him. He needs to sleep in the crate and he doesn’t mind it at all. Medical Condition: Overall, his health is ok and his blood work results have been good. He does have a chronic ear infection and is on medication for that; he will probably will be on ear meds for the rest of his life.