Cash is a very handsome, medium-high energy 2-year-old German Shepherd-mix that weighs about 60 pounds. Cash is an impressively well-trained dog by trainer K9 Coach OJ. He knows all his commands – Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Go to Bed, Stay at the Bed, Go with, Heel – and walks very well on leash. He has a high prey-drive and is very treat focused, which made his training easy, because he will do almost anything for a treat. He listens to verbal commands really well and obeys.

Cash has been great with large-size dogs and very playful. He lives in a foster home with a few other dogs, small and large, and does well with all of them; he also goes to daycare and does well with the dogs there.

Cash is like a naughty little boy: he is very smart and tries to get away with things at the beginning. When he arrives in his new home, it will take him about a week to settle in, and during that first week he will act wild and try to test his person to figure out if he can get away with things. Once he knows that his person is the leader and he can’t get away with things he will become a very obedient dog, so he needs someone firm who will set boundaries and rules.

He has been great when meeting new people, and a treat is definitely the way to steal his heart. He attaches to his person very quickly and will follow him/her everywhere. He will not do well if left alone for long hours – he will get bored and will look for things to do: he’s not exactly destructive, but he might chew little things here and there, which is why we think that another dog might keep his mind busy, but someone who works from home or is home a lot, or someone willing to send him to daycare would be the best type of home for him.

He is crate-trained but prefers not to be crated – at first he will cry a little, then he becomes quiet. He is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door. He walks really well on leash and does not react to other dogs, but he might pull a little because he is curious, but that’s about it.

Cash had been left at a shelter due to escaping from the yard of his previous home, so in his future home he will need a secure yard and a min. 6-foot fence.  He is up-to-date on all his vaccinations, is microchipped and dewormed; also, he has been given flea meds and will be groomed before adoption. Cash is one of those dogs that needs the right owner – an adult-only home, with someone familiar with the German Shepherd breed and who can set boundaries from day one.