• Caliber is a 9-11 -month-old, very friendly German Shepherd mix that weighs 50 pounds. 
    This young girl is full of life – a high-energy dog that will need an active home. She is great with large- and medium-size doggies and very playful. Caliber lives in a foster home with a few other dogs and does well with all of them. She also goes to doggie day care and has a great time with new dogs.
    Caliber has a high prey drive and will try to chase small animals, so dog parks with small animals are not recommended for Caliber. This athletic young lady loves water: her foster home doesn’t have a pool, but when the kiddie pool is filled up she jumps in, as she loves to play in it. Caliber needs some leash work with her new owner and will benefit from some obedience training as well.
    She is crate-trained and also knows how to use doggie door, going in and out when she needs to relieve herself. Caliber rides well in the car, did great during her vet exam, and kept giving kisses to the doctor during the exam. She has been great when meeting new people and very friendly. Her previous owners had small children and said that she was good with them. Caliber was also good with their cat, but our guess is that she will need some work getting used to a new cat.
    This sweet girl is a happy, loving girl and a home with another young, playful dog would be perfect for her, so they can play all day long and keep each other busy.