Bess (currently called Issa by her foster mom) is just about the sweetest companion anyone could hope to meet. She walks easily on a leash and doesn’t react to other dogs. She knows the sit, down, and stay commands, and will gladly oblige for a treat. She is very treat motivated, yet she takes treats so gently that they will usually fall to the floor before she eats them. She sleeps through the night at the side of foster moms bed and doesn’t fuss in the night. She is so well behaved, doesn’t offer to get up on the furniture. She has not yet had any accidents inside the house, seems like housebroken She gets along great with everyone she has met (both male and female), and greets with a tail wag. Issa is low-to-medium energy dog , happy to go out for a walk, but is just as happy to take a nap next to wherever you are. She loves nothing more than to be in the same room with you, but doesn’t demand constant attention and does well when left alone, doesnt try to escape and not destructive. She gets along great with her foster brother, who can be a bit possessive and snarky. She has never offered any signs of aggression towards other dogs, nor does she show any signs of resource guarding or possession of her foster mom. She enjoys walks around the neighborhood, but isn’t cut out to be a running partner. She also doesn’t know how to swim, so anyone with a pool should have it fully fenced. She has been around small dogs in a previous foster home for few days and had no issues with them. The foster home has pond turtles, and while interested in them, she hasn’t offered any signs of being harmful to them. She has not been tested around cats but just looking at her great temperament she probably would be fine.

Issa is such a delight to have and will make an extremely loving companion to a very fortunate person or family.